About us

The company CHOCOLAND a.s. belongs to top producers of sweets and food semi-finished products on the Czech market. This company follows up on the more than centennial tradition of food production that nowadays is accommodated in a modern factory in Kolín. The large product range features soya-based sweets, functional bars, chocolate figures, advent calendars, collections, ice chocolate, chocolate spreads and sugar-free sweets.

The basic strategy of the group is to produce high quality food products respecting both modern nutritional trends and traditional consumerist preferences. All products can be developed according to specific wishes of customers and are suitable for private label production. An individualised attitude and custom-made products are nothing out of the ordinary for us.

Our products are exported not only to EU countries (Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Portugal, Sweden, Latvia, to name a few), but also to other countries in the world (USA, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa, Lebanon and others). Distribution in Slovakia and Hungary is carried out by sister companies of Chocoland Slovensko and Chocoland Hungária.

Our most important customers are major international retailers, local retail networks and independent wholesalers. We offer branded products under the brands of Chocoland, Beri, Happy Choco or Dianella as well as products under private labels of our customers. Besides important European retailers, most of our private label production is made for major international companies such as Nestlé.

In addition to confectionery products, the factory in Kolín also produces semi-finished food products for bakers and confectioners under the label of ALTIS Industry. These products are intended for further processing in various areas of the food industry and have been produced in the Kolín factory for more than fifty years. Besides the traditional soya-based semi-finished products we offer a broad range of coatings, filling creams, dessert pastes and roasted nuts.