The more than hundred-year-history of CHOCOLAND began as early as 1894 when its predecessor, the Kolín Factory, began to produce coffee substitutes - Kolín chicory, known throughout Austria-Hungary. The popularity of Kolín chicory products lasted until the 1950s, when the company, like many other in Czechoslovakia back then, was nationalized and became part of the food giant Čokoládovny.

Under the name Soja Kolín, the company specialized in processing soybeans and in the production of food semi-products, especially for other plants of Čokoládovny. Since the 1960s, the Kolín plant had the largest capacity to process soybeans intended for the preparation of human food products in Central Europe.


After the entry of Nestlé and Danone's foreign partners into Čokoládovny, a major restructuring took place in the 1990s, and Soja Kolín was sold. ALTIS® Kolín became the representative of the 100th tradition and the holder of the long-standing experience with the high-quality food production. It later joined its activities with Chocoland Beri from the Beroun District, the leader in the seasonal chocolate market, and the only ice chocolate maker in the Czech Republic. Production was concentrated in the Kolín plant and processes were set up so that the merger could benefit customers of both companies. The product range was expanded, production and distribution was improved, and customer service improved.

There was a big change at the turn of 2013 and 2014 - both co-operating companies Altis Kolín and Chocoland Beri merged into one - CHOCOLAND a.s.

Today the CHOCOLAND brand combines more than a century's food tradition with the latest trends in confectionery. It draws on a history dating back to the 19th century, but also relies on modern technology and equipment. The company relies on a wealth of experience in the field, the craft and the skills of its employees and a professional relationship with its business partners. And of course - a careful perception of customer requirements..