Which brand is the most important for us? Of course, the one whose name our company carries - CHOCOLAND. It symbolizes everything that is important to us - a chocolate land full of pleasant flavors, aromas and experiences, a place where the centuries-old tradition of production meets excellent ingredients and, thanks to the experience of our experts, turns into unique products.

Under the CHOCOLAND brand, you can find a wide range of sweets on store shelves, ranging from fine Crema cocoa and hazelnut creams to the delicious bars of the elegant Jsem sladka concept... (Madam, Coffee, Chestnut or Sweet) to the luxurious Mucha candies.

Seasonal candies are another area of CHOCOLAND brand products. Whether it is Christmas or Easter, you are sure to find our products in homes - chocolate figurines, advent calendars, Easter Eggs, and festive packages. We are delighted with the idea that our products will please you not only on weekdays, but also for the holiday season throughout the year.



The low-sugar and sugar-free confectionery DIANELLA represents one of the most successful product lines of our company. Sweets offered under the DIANELLA brand are prepared and modified in cooperation with prominent doctors specializing in diabetes and diets so that it suits the needs of diabetics and all those who want to practice a healthy lifestyle as much as possible.

Conclusions of expert reviews show that thanks to their ingredients, DIANELLA products have less energy and especially a lower blood sugar index in comparison with similar products. That is why they are more appropriate for diabetics.

· The certainty of first-class raw materials, original technologies and top care that are put into all products
· Delicious taste, low fat and sugar content, minimal caloric value
· Acceptable price
· Diabetic products with the DIANELLA symbol are produced in two ranges: SUGAR FREE and DIET (DIÄT)
· Private label production, ingredients, size, weight, shape and taste can be chosen by our customers

More about the DIANELLA products can be found in our on-line catalogue


Chocolate, hazelnuts and especially peanut spreads are permanent features of Chocoland products. Under the CREMA brand, consumers find the highest quality delicious creams. Thanks to proven manufacturing practices, the spreads are characterized by a unique fineness and distinctive nut tastes.

The most popular variant of CREMA -peanut- is truly unique. It contains 32% of peanuts, which puts it at the top of the rating in terms of nut content in the cream. We are really proud that Chocoland is the only manufacturer able to produce a peanut spread with such a high content of peanuts.

A new option we offer consumers even further raises the Chocoland product quality bar. After careful evaluation of new consumer priorities and nutritional trends, we have developed the new CREMA peanut variant without palm oil!



It is almost as if the golden times of Art Nouveau in Prague, which was so wonderfully depicted by the world-famous painter Alfons Mucha, were directly transported into the chocolates and chocolate candies of Chocoland Mucha.

The Mucha sweets combine the elegance of Art Nouveau paintings and packaging with the exceptional quality of the selected chocolates.

We are proud to be one of the few manufacturers who have had the honor to work directly with Mr. George Mucha and his foundation directly in the preparation of products and packaging. We have carefully chosen the paintings of Mr. Alfons Mucha, which are suitable for sweets, we were also highly selective when choosing the individual types of chocolates.

The result is a range of luxurious candies- that seem to come from another time - from the time of the golden Art Nouveau.




Smilies are childhood dreams come true. We believe that every boy or girl who tastes a Smilies bar will be in a good mood and laugh - and that's the best reward for anyone who makes sweets for kids.

Imagine that you bake a simple cookie and want to jazz it up. You select one of three creams (caramel, milk or coconut) and fill the cookie with it. Still not good enough? Then you carefully choose a Belgian chocolate and pour it over the cookie. Do you have the feeling that something’s still missing to make your childhood dream come true? You’re right! Then sprinkle the whole bar with chocolate dragées and you're done. And the result? Well, see for yourself - Smilies is really a fairy tale chocolate bar with plenty of cream, chocolate, dragées and fun!